18 CalendarDayView
Calendar "Day" View
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  • View Events by Day, Week, Month, or List views
  • Filter Events by Staff Member, Case Status, and Event Type (ie., Trial, Depo, Discovery, etc.)
  • Case Calendar View which can be Filtered (Staff Member, Event Type) and Sorted (Ascending, Descending)
  • Popup Warning System to alert Staff Members to upcoming events
  • Task Manager is integrated with the Calendar, making it easy for Staff Members to manage tasks and Attorneys to monitor case progress

Viewing Options

When viewing the Calendar screen, you will first see a 'Day View' of the current day. This view provides a more detailed view of the scheduled events and To-Do's. You may also choose to view events for a specific week or an entire month. All views (Day, Week, and Month) have full graphical views with a brief description of scheduled events and To-Do's. There is also a 'List View' of the calendar which provides a nice format for printing calendar events.

19 CalendarMonthView

Calendar "Month" View

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20 CalendarListView

Calendar "List" View
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Filter Your Calendar Events

The Calendar in the Practice Information Powertool will allow the user to filter scheduled events, staff members, time frames, and To-Do's in order to customize the list of viewable events. For example, if you want to see all events for active cases for a particular staff member, simply check the appropriate boxes and the display will be limited to those events.

21 CalendarEventEdit

Edit Event Screen
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Associate Events with Case or Contact

Calendar Events can be entered directly into the Calendar Day View Screen, or Events can be associated with a Case or a Contact. Events associated directly with a Case can also be viewed, filtered, edited, and printed from the "Case Calendar" tab in the Case Detail module.