Contact Management

  • Prospect Manager for New Client Development
  • Matters tab displays list of Cases for each Contact
  • Unlimited Address and Telephone/Email information can be linked to Contacts
  • Track Relationships between Contacts (ie., Spouse, Mother, Co-Worker, etc.)
  • Quick and Easy Conflict Checking

Contact Management made Easy

Contacts are managed through a very simple interface.  Through a series of tabs, you can also access the following information related to your Contacts:

Contact Info - Allows you to manage postal Addresses, Telephone numbers, Fax numbers, Email addresses, and Web Page URLs.

08 ContactDetail

Contact Detail

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Calendar tab – Enter Calendar Events related to a specific Contact which also appear in the main Calendar Module.

57 ContactsCalendar

Contacts Calendar

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Personal Info tab – Store personal and background information about the Contact, including Date of Birth/Death, Driver’s License number, Social Security number, Birthplace, Language, Gender, Marital Status, Education, and Criminal background.

58 ContactsPersonalInfo

Contacts Personal Info

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Matters tab – Displays a list of Cases for which the Contact has a Role Designation (ie., Plaintiff, Defendant, Witness, Attorney, Court, Medical Provider, Etc.) Clicking on the Case Name will hyperlink to the Case Detail Module.

59 ContactsMatters

Contacts Matter

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Type Info tab – Stores special information for selected “Contact Types” (Court, Expert, Prospect)

60 ContactsTypeInfo

Contacts Type Info

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Relationships tab – Link Contacts together in this portal.  One Contact can be related to many other Contacts.  The following Relationships are supported: Aunt, Billing Service, Boyfriend, Brother, Co-Worker, Cousin, Daughter, Father, Former Spouse, Girlfriend, Mother, Sister, Son, Spouse, Uncle, Unspecified.

 52 ContactRelationships

Contact Relationships

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Notes tab – Document all activities related to the Contact Notes feature for Contacts.  This feature is the same as the File Notes feature for Cases. Notes can be Filtered based upon Activity Code.

 61 ContactsNotes

Contacts Notes

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Client Ledger tab – One of the components of the Client Trust Accounting module.  Please see Client Trust Accounting for details.

13 ClientTrustAccounting

Client Trust Accounting

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