Email Module

  • Works with IMAP and POP Email Accounts
  • Separate Email Account for each User
  • Link Email Messages directly to Cases, and Filter by Case
  • Filter Email Messages by Status (Viewed, Deleted, Flagged, Replied, Assigned)
  • Filter Email Messages by Date Range
  • View Email Messages as HTML or Plain Text
  • Supports File Attachments

 53 EmailClient

Email Client

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The PIP Email Module is a fully-featured Email Client.  More importantly, users can link emails to a particular case by simply selecting the Case Name from a type-ahead pull down menu.  Once an Email has been linked, the Case Filter can be set to limit the list to Emails for a particular Case. Using the Date Range Filter with linked Emails, you can find any email in seconds!

54 EmailCaseFilter

Email Case Filter

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55 HiPerSoftEmailModule

Email View

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56 HPSEmailModuleCaseSelect

Case Select

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