Task Management

Task Management in the PIP is accomplished using a combination of To Do’s and Assignments.  “Assignments” are Tasks that CAN BE related to other Calendar Events (ex., a meeting with a client to prepare them for an upcoming deposition), and “To Do’s” are Tasks which are Unrelated to any other Calendar Events.  Using these features together, staff members have the tools they need to consistently followup, perform Tasks, and document the work they have completed.

  • Task Lists can be generated for specific Staff Members, groups of Staff Members, Date Ranges, and for Individual Cases
  • Tasks can be linked to other Calendar Events (including other Tasks)
  • Tasks can be documented by Date Done, Whom Done, and What Done
  • Tasks are displayed in all Calendar Views (Day, Week, Month, List)
  • More than 1 Staff Member can be assigned to a Task

36 TaskList

Calender List View

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35 TaskList

Staff Member Filter View

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37 TaskList

Case View

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