Time & Billing

Billing Slips
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  • Hierarchical Billing Rates for Case, Client, Activity Code and Staff Member
  • Convert File Notes, Calendar Events, Cost items and Emails into Billing Slips
  • Multiple "Bill To" entities supported in each case
  • Split billing across multiple cases with same Client

Generate Billing Slips with Ease

Generating Billing Slips to account for the time spent on cases is one of the most tedious tasks that we perform as attorneys. The Time and Billing Module of the Practice Information Powertool gives you the ability to quickly and easily generate billing slips, prepare and print Invoices, apply payments, and check account balances. Invoices can be printed or saved in PDF format.

Create Billing Slips from File Notes, Calendar Events, Cost Items, and Emails

Billing Slips can be entered manually in the Billing Slips screen, or you can automatically create a Billing Slip from a File Note, Calendar Event, Cost Item or Email. The Billing Slip can then be modified as needed without altering the original File Note, Calendar Event, Cost Item or Email. This process greatly reduces data entry time and ensures accuracy in Billing Slips.

39 BillingSlipsPortal
Billing Slips Screen
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40 InvoiceScreen
Invoice Screen
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Adjustable Billing Rate Features

Each Attorney and Staff Member has a Default Billing Rate which is entered in the Preferences Module. The PIP also has a Billing Rate Hierarchy feature. Which includes case Rate, Client Rate, Activity Code Rate, and Attorny Staff Member Rate. In addition, the default Billing Rate can be changed on each individual Billing Slip. Billing Slips can also be marked as "Non-Billable", which includes them on your Billing Statements using a zero billable amount. Expenses can also be entered and tracked through the Time and Billing Module.

Create Client Invoices

Invoices can be generated easily by adding a new Invoice record and then adding Billing Slips to the Invoice. Billing Slips can be added individually, or in groups, based upon Date Range and Status. The PIP system also has the ability to split a Billing Slips on more than 1 Invoice.

41 PaymentsScreen
Payments Screen
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42 PaymentsAppliedDetailScreen
Payments Applied Detail Screen
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Apply Payments

Payments entered into the system can be applied to a single Statement, or across multiple Statements. You can quickly check to see how a Payment was applied to multiple Statements, or you can view the Payments that were applied to a single Statement. And you can generate a Statement of Account for your clients.

43 Invoice
Billing Statement
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44 Statement
Statement Of Account
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