How to Install Trial Version


Install Trial Version - Windows and Macintosh

Install the 30-Day Trial Version of the PIP 2016 on the Windows or Macintosh platform

1. Download the PIP trial software through the link provided in your email.(The email is sent to you after you request the Download Trial Version)

2. Extract the software from the zip archive.

PIP Trial Software is contained in zip archives. The .zip file format is native to most operating systems. To extract the PIP files from the archive, open the archive like any folder and copy then paste all of the files into a new folder.

3. After extracting all of the files, run the (OSX) or PIP2015v8x_Trial_Win.exe (Windows) file by double clicking it.

4. The trial should start and you will see the "splash" screeen with our company/product info. Click the large blue “Enter” button to continue.

5. You will be given a 30 day registration notification. Click “Continue” after agreeing to the terms.

6. You will now see a small window prompting you for user and password entries. Click the User field and select one of the sample user account names. No password is required for any of the sample accounts. Click “Ok” to continue into the software.

7. Watch the Tutorial Videos to get started using the PIP.