Case Management Software for Attorneys
Parties, Calendar, Evidence, Damages, Discovery


  •  Parties List with Role Designations for Clients, Attorneys, Witnesses, etc.
  • Case Calendar view with Filters for Date Range, Event Type, and Staff
  • Case Detail tab can be configured for your specific areas of practice
  • File Notes section with ability to search and display based on Case, Client, and Activity Code
  • Evidence tab for information regarding Case Facts, Witnesses, and Experts
  • Track all Special Damages including Lost Earnings, Property Damage, and Medical Expenses
  • Full Cost reporting with breakdown by Client and Case
  • Case Settlement Breakdown to calculate Net to Client
  • Track Discovery Requests and Responses, including Depositions


General Information

The Case Manager in the Practice Information Powertool is very powerful. It has been designed to replace your "paper file" as the "working file" in your office, which need only serve as a receptacle for originals and copies of documents. The benefit of having the Practice Information Powertool as your "working file" is that the location of your "paper file" becomes unimportant for purposes of case management. Even if the file is with an attorney outside the office, all pertinent case information is still available.

Search and Find

The search and find capability is another extremely powerful feature of the system. You can search and find data for any criteria in any single field or combination of fields in any of the screens of the program. Whether it is a small piece of information, such as a Zip Code of a city or critical data on Medical Records, Medical Bills, Costs, etc., you will have that data at your fingertips. You will virtually never have to leave your desk to search for a file, once all case information is entered in the Practice Information Powertool database.

Automated Data Entry

Pull down menus have been provided for many of the data fields to speed up data entry. For example, Date fields utilize miniature graphical popup calendars and Staff Member fields utilize lists of Staff Members initials. In addition, detailed information about medical providers, insurance companies, courts, attorneys, arbitrators, experts, and law enforcement agencies need only be entered once in the Contact Module, after which they can be assigned to other cases.

Case Management Software
File Notes for documenting case activity

File Notes

 Track the activity for each Case using the File Notes screen. Fields include Date, Staff Member, Activity Code, Time Spent, and Description. Convert Files Notes into Billing Slips with one mouse click, It's that easy! The "Show Related Notes" feature allows you to view all notes for a particular Client accross all matters. This feature dramatically cuts down on data entry time, and ensures matters are documented properly. And you can search notes by Date Range, Case Name, Activity Code, Description, and Staff Member.

Case Management Software
File Notes Report