Technical Support Options

 We are always happy to provide assistance to our customers upon request, however, in order to save your company time and money, we have created many useful resources that will enable you and/or your computer network administrator to resolve most issues that you will encounter. Therefore, we urge you to consider and use these resources.

  1. Consult the PIP Getting Started Guide. Which has information about the main features and navigation. The PIP Getting Started Guide is available on the Downloads page.
  2. Consult the PIP Tutorial Videos. Our videos are very comprehensive, and are available on the Videos page.
  3. Consult the FileMaker Pro/Server/Go User Guides. The PIP was designed and built using FileMaker database software. Many of the functions of the PIP are "built-in" to FileMaker, and are addressed in the FileMaker Pro/Server/Go User Guides. These guides can be downloaded from the FileMaker website.

FileMaker Software - Version Support

As of September 20, 2019, FileMaker and HiPerSoft will no longer offer support for FileMaker 15.0 products or earlier versions. This means that FileMaker will no longer provide downgrade rights, replacement media, technical support, downgrade media, or downgrade installation codes for these unsupported versions. In keeping with our license agreement, we can no longer provide or support these versions, or the PIP software which was developed for these versions. For a complete list describing support for FileMaker Products, please see the FileMaker website.

Technical Support Policy

The following describes our current policy regarding technical support:

  1. E-mail - Please send request to (no charge)
  2. Online user tools: Guides, Manuals, White Papers, and Downloads (no charge)
  3. Remote Techinical Support Package - annual pre-paid - Unlimited Remote Technical Support first user ($495), plus each additional user ($195)
  4. Remote Technical Support - per occurance - Billable at ($150) per hour with one hour minimum. Billed in half-hour increments thereafter ($75)
  5. Payment Policy - Payment must be received prior to services being rendered.
  6. Payment Methods - VISA, Mastercard, eCheck