Use PIP Merge Codes to Integrate Your Own Documents as Templates

Our system includes a library of Merge Codes which can be used to turn your form documents into Document Templates in the PIP system.  The process is simple:(1) Save your form in the .RTF file format, (2) Copy and Paste the PIP Merge Codes from our system onto your form, (3) Import your form into the Document Template Manager. Using this process, your proprietary forms can be integraded into the PIP.


Create Form Documents using Case Data

Once case information has been entered in the PIP, the data can be used to generate documents in your word processor through the Form Generator. Documents are created using data fields from the PIP Case Management system. The system comes with a library of 50 forms, which include generic letters to demand and settlement letters, client retainers, and state and federal pleadings. However, any or all of your form documents can be integrated into our system.


Modify Document Templates

Document Templates can be modified any time by using the "Edit" feature in the PIP Document Template Manager.  Once you have added or changed Merge Codes, use the "Read" feature to scan the Document Template into the system again.  This will allow the PIP Document Template Manager to identify the Merge Codes that you have added or changed.


Works with All RTF Compatible Word Processors

The PIP Form Generator can be used with any word processor that can read Rich Text Format (RTF).  Therefore, it is compatible with Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, Pages, OpenOffice, and many others.