Robert Adler, Esq. Calabasas, CA


"I have been a HiPerSoft customer for more than 20 years. I have used the software for personal injury, real estate and construction litigation cases. I do not know where I would be without the rules based calendaring system. The best part about being a customer is that the company is always trying to improve the product. Thank you HiPerSoft for helping simplify my practice."

Wellman Law Firm New Orleans, LA


"Our [PIP] software has allowed us to automate a substantial portion of our paperwork; eliminated the need for additional employees; increased our work product substantially; reduced the margin of clerical error; gives us immediate access to updated information to our files and calendars; and the ability to work both on and off the worksite. HiPerSoft has also provided us with an excellent support system."

Daniel Rose, Esq. Escondido, CA


"I have tried other programs on the market. The other programs are complex and difficult. I am completely satisfied with your program... I have not seen anything else that comes close to the power and ease of the PI Powertool."

Bob Kezelis, Esq. Palos Heights, IL


"What I really like is the Forms and template generator. Simply by adding your existing forms to HiPerSoft's database, you can automatically generate some sophisticated documents, pleadings, etc."

A. I. Bernstein, Esq. White Planes, NY


"I have been using PIP software since 2009 and find it to be an excellent addition to my legal practice. One of the things that I like about the PIP software, is that it's feature set is constantly being expanded and improved. HiPerSoft is continually upgrading and adding features, which they do based on input from clients. Many of the features that I have requested have been programmed into the system."

Cris Rogers, Esq. Anchorage, AL


"We have used PIP case management, calendaring, and cost billing programs for over 10 years in our busy personal injury practice. The ease of use, reliability and, most importantly, customer service and support are unmatched. I have just started using PIP mobile on my iPhone and don't know why I waited so long."

Vann Slatter, Esq. Los Angeles, CA


"My office has used HiPerSoft software since 1997.  We particularly like the note keeping ability so that anyone working a file need only go to the "documentation" section and get the current status without pulling the file. Also the medical features and calendering is of great help.  Great product!"

Jacobson & Assoc. Los Angeles


"I've been a HiPerSoft user for over 15 years now and have always found the program to be easy to use yet pliable enough to address all of our daily tasks and concerns."