Case Management


  • Instant access to all case information including Parties, Case Calendar, Facts, Insurance, Special Damages, General Damages, and Discovery
  • Pull-down menus for quick and easy data entry

Contact Management


  • Prospect Manager for New Client Development
  • Matters tab displays list of Cases for each Contact
  • Unlimited Address and Telephone/Email information can be linked to Contacts
  • Track Relationships between Contacts (ie., Spouse, Mother, Co-Worker, etc.)
  • Quick and Easy Conflict Checking

Mobile Access


  • Mobilize your database
  • Runs on iPad and iPhone
  • Take your case data to:
    • Meetings
    • Depositions
    • Court Appearances



  • Views: Day, Week, Month and List
  • Filter Calendar by any combination of:
    • Attorneys and Staff members
    • Event Types
    • Status of Case

Rules-Based Calendaring


  • Create Templates Based on Master Events
  • Templates have can have up to 2 Master Events, and an unlimited number of Related Events
  • Events can be Assigned to Single or Multiple Staff Members
  • Related Events can be Calendar Events, To Do's, or Assignments
  • Templates can be created for any Type of Event (Trials, Discovery, To Do's, etc.)

Pop-up Warnings


  • Pop-Up Warnings for Events (including Statutes and To-Do's)
  • Automatic Reminders
  • Specific Event Information
    • Date
    • Time
    • Event Type
    • Description
    • Case Number or Name
    • Assignment

Time & Billing


  • Convert File Notes into Billing Slips with the Click of a Button
  • Define Default Hourly Rates for Each Staff Member
  • Override Default Hourly Rates on Individual Billing Slips
  • Provides Accounting for "Non-Billable" Time
  • Add and Track Expenses
  • Apply Payments to One or More Statements
  • Billing Slips can be Locked to Prevent Modification

Task Management


  • Task Lists can be generated for specific Staff Members, groups of Staff Members, Date Ranges, and for Individual Cases
  • Tasks can be linked to other Calendar Events (including other Tasks)
  • Tasks can be documented by Date Done, Whom Done, and What Done
  • Tasks are displayed in all Calendar Views (Day, Week, Month, List)
  • More than 1 Staff Member can be assigned to a Task

Trust Accounting


  • Supports IOLTA and Individual Client trust accounts.
  • Tracks all money paid (Deposits) and received (Payments) on behalf of client.
  • Displays Running Balance after each Deposit/Payment.
  • Supports running balance across multiple client matters.
  • View running balance for each separate Trust Bank Account.

Document Management System


  • Works with All Document Types (ie., MS Word, WordPerfect, PDF, Image Files, etc.)
  • The Document Tracker provides a way to track the sending and receipt of important documents
  • Automatically Manage and Track Documents created by the  Form Generator
  • Creates and Manages Client Folders for Storage of Documents

Form Generator


  • Create Templates from your Form Documents with our easy-to-use Copy and Paste Merge Code System
  • Integrate your own Form Documents into the PIP with our Single-Click Template Scanner
  • Compatible with MS Word, WordPerfect, Pages, and all other RTF Compliant Word Processors

EMail Integration


  • Works with IMAP and POP Email Accounts
  • Separate Email Account for each User
  • Link Email Messages directly to Cases, and Filter by Case
  • Filter Email Messages by Status (Viewed, Deleted, Flagged, Replied, Assigned)
  • Filter Email Messages by Date Range
  • View Email Messages as HTML or Plain Text
  • Supports File Attachments


Files coming soon.