Pop-up Display

The Pop-Up Warning System provides automatic reminders for Calendar events. The Pop-Up Warnings are displayed to the user through a window with specific information about the event, including Date, Time, Event Type, Description, Case Name, and Initials of the Attorney assigned to the event. If you are working in another application, the Pop-Up Warning dialog box will move to the foreground to display.



Through the Pop-Up Warnings Settings Screen, each individual user has the ability to customize their pop-up warnings. Settings include the number of days before and after an event date that it should be displayed, the time of day that Daily Warnings should be displayed, the option of automatically scrolling through pop-up warnings, and whether to beep at the user at the time the warning is displayed. Warnings can also be filtered as described below.



Filters for the Pop-Up Warning System work the same as the filters for the Calendar. Specifically, Calendar Events can be selected by Type, displayed for specific staff members, and/or limited by status (ex., Active cases only). For each Type of Calendar Event, warnings can be set for 30 Minutes, 2 Hours, and/or Daily at a specific time of day.


View and Alert Options

On the main Calendar Screen we have included a "Pop-Up Warnings" Panel. The Panel provides the user with immediate access to enable/disable the "Auto View Delay", the System Beep, and the entire Pop-Up Warnings feature. When disabled, all events will be stored in a cue. Once the Enable button is clicked again, all warnings will be displayed in sequence. As an alternative to disabling the Pop-Up Warnings, the Auto View Delay feature will automatically scroll through warnings one-by-one, stopping at each event for the period of time that is entered in hours, minutes, and seconds. To permanently disable all Pop-Up Warnings, the Filter Settings can simply be cleared and stored for the user.