Assign Contacts to Cases and Designate Roles

The PIP stores all Contact information in the "Contacts" module. Contacts are linked to a Case, and then each linked Contact is designated with a role in the Case. This video explains the process.

Documenting Cases with File Notes

Adding File Notes to your cases in the PIP  is quick and easy. Watch this video to get started.

Document Management System

The DMS module allows you to gather, review, and retrieve all of your case file documents. This video gives you all the details.

Task Management

Task Management is very important to running a successful law firm. Find out how the PIP uses To Do's and Assignments to get things done.

Billing Slips

 This video tutorial will explain how to Create and Review Billing Slips, and explains the Billing Rate Hierarchy and Billing Slip Conversion features. 

Form Generator

Find out how to merge PIP Case information into Document Templates to create Letters and Pleadings with the click of a button.

Document Template Manager

This video will explain how to create Document Templates from your own proprietary forms, dramatically increasing the efficiency and accuracy of your work product.

Calendar - Overview

For an overview of all the common features of the PIP Calendar system, watch this video.

Calendar - Add / Edit / Delete Events

Everything you need to know about Adding, Editing, and Deleting events in your PIP Calendar system.

Calendar - Rules Based Calendaring

The PIP system has the ability to automatically calendar multiple events using templates with Rule Sets. Once created, the Rule Sets can be used on all your cases.