Works with All Document Types

HiPerSoft has developed the Document Management System (DMS) Module which allows you to gather, review, and retrieve all of your case file documents. The system can manage all types of documents irrespective of the program used to create the documents. With the Document Management System you can store text documents (MS Word, WordPerfect, and Adobe Acrobat), images (photographs and scanned documents), and even movies! From the DMS module documents can instantly be opened by their native program, attached to emails, and can even be renamed.

Any document can be opened by using the "Open" button next to the document. When the "Open" button is used, the document will be retrieved and displayed in its native application (ex., a WordPerfect document will be opened and displayed in WordPerfect and a PDF document will be opened and displayed in Adobe Acrobat).


Document Tracker

The Document Tracker provides a way to track the sending and receipt of important documents.  For example, use the Document Tracker to track a letter that requires a signature, to followup on requests for copies of records and reports, and to track the service of documents on opposing counsel. The Document Tracker is integrated with the Form Generator, so that documents can be automatically tracked without any further action by the user.


Document Filter

Documents can be filtered for viewing purposes by the folder in which they are stored. By using the checkboxes in the filter, you can make it easier to find the document you are looking for by limiting the list of documents to a particular folder. For example, you may want to keep all photographs and image files in a folder called "Photos" so they are easy to locate using the filter.